Safe at Home

Block by Block


Since we have all been quarantined in our houses most of this year we thought it appropriate that we do a Block by Block quilt made up of house blocks. You might imagine this as a neighborhood where the houses look a lot alike but they are different in many ways, different color roofs, different color siding and different people living inside. The inside of each house is made up of a 6” block but each one is different. These blocks are all simple patterns that do not require master quilt making skills. Hope you can join us as we look forward to getting out of our houses in 2021.


Rules to participate. 
  1. Sign up and pay $10. You can come in the shop and sign up or you can email us that you want to participate and pay when you pick up your first patterns. (If you email, us put  Block by Block Sign Up in the email subject line.)

  2. Any time on or after January 11 you can pick up your first patterns

  3. Go home and make the 3 blocks

  4. Bring the 3 blocks in and show us you made them and pick up 3 more patterns

  5. Continue making 3 blocks at a time and bring them in for more patterns until you have completed all 36 blocks.


*** You can work at your own pace as far as picking up patterns, but you are not allowed to pick up more than one time each day. So if you want to have a quilting marathon in January, you could be done by the end of the month. You are not required to make the same quilt that we did to participate. You don’t have to include them in the house pattern but we will provide you the instructions to make it like ours.  You don’t have to put all 36 blocks in one quilt. If you want to make two or three smaller quilts, go for it. You don’t even have to make a quilt at all. You can make placemats  or pot holders out of them if you like.  All you have to do to participate is to make the 6” blocks.  


As a little incentive, we will give the first 20 folks who bring in a completely finished quilt or quilt project using all 36 blocks a $20 gift certificate. 

Patches and Stitches
Block by Block 2021 Fabric 


Assembled like our model
90” x 90”
To piece the 36 six inch blocks you will need:
  • 12 Fat Quarters (directions provided for cutting these)

  • 1 1/4 yards background fabric (we used solid white)

* you should also be able to get the sides and bottoms of houses, chimneys and piece all 36 six inch blocks from these.

We have a packet of these for sale for $40.

For the background of the houses you will need:
  • 12 - 1/3 yd pieces for a total of 4 yards (we used white on white tones)

* You can get by with less yardage if you do them in one fabric

We have a packet of these for sale for $42.

For the Roofs of the houses you will need:
  • 6 - 1/4 yd pieces for a total of 1 1/2 yds. (we used 6 different colors of “tone on tone” prints and cut six roofs from each color.

*If you make all of the roofs the same color, you can get by with less fabric.

We have a packet of these for sale for $18.

For the Sashing between the blocks you will need:
  • 1 3/4 yd of two fabrics. (We used yellow and green solid.)


For the back of the quilt will need:
  • 3 yards of 108” wide backing or

  • 9 yards of regular width fabric.

*You should have enough of the backing fabric left to bind the quit. If you want a different fabric for the binding, you will need 3/4 yd for binding.

If you plan to purchase any of the Patches (30's fabric) packets, please let us know

when you sign up. 


If you are not a fan of 30's fabric, you can request fabric packets of documentaries

or batiks.   The price of documentaries and batiks will be a little bit more

expensive than the 30's.